Multiple Course Options


When you come to The Abbey Summer School 2017, you have two main registration options. You can register only for the Chapterhouse, our main programming, or you can register for the Chapterhouse + the Library course, which is an additional course that begins earlier in the week and then dovetails with our main programme – great for interested laypersons and clergy on study leave. *If finances are an issue, please contact us as bursaries are available. See the registration page for more details.

Chapterhouse: No man is an island (1–3 June)

Named after the room in an ancient abbey where monks would gather for a larger meeting or to hear an address by the abbot, our Chapterhouse is the main programme of The Abbey every year. Following on from last year’s theme, Being Human, this year we ask the next question: Can we be human on our own? In the theme of The Abbey Summer School 2017, No Man is an Island, we come face to face with the Western predicament of individualism, and the ways that Christian faith must meet this challenge. For many of us, individualism is the cultural air we breathe. Immersed as we are, it is difficult to see just how much this state of affairs diminishes us, and perhaps even more difficult to discern the ways that it undermines Christian faith.

At The Abbey 2017, we will explore the ways in which our relational God has created us, redeemed us, and sent us on mission in a world that is pixelated and gathering speed. As part of this theme, we are excited to host the UK premiere of a short film called GODSPEED which was created by two of our founders. After the screening, there will be time spent discussing the implications of this film for our own lives and churches. 


Library COURSE: Reading & Preaching the Old Testament (29 MAY–2 June)



New to The Abbey this year is a week-long Library course that can be taken in addition to the main Chapterhouse. Consider this the Reading Room of The Abbey, for those who want something a bit more intensive. Registering through us is for simple audit — just come and hear the lectures! — but if desired, this course can also be taken for graduate credit through Regent College (Vancouver, BC). It will meet on Monday – Wednesday nights (29-31 May), and during the workshops block of the Chapterhouse on 1-2 June.

For this year’s Library course, we are excited to offer a class with Prof. Iain Provan on reading and preaching the Old Testament. We know the Old Testament is important­­­­ – it's Scripture, after all! – but often we don't know what to do with it. Many preachers and lay people struggle to connect these ancient texts with the gospel and the Christian life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Encounter the Old Testament in a fresh way and deepen your reading, your preaching, and your faith.

Monday, 29 May: Reading and Preaching Genesis 1-11

Tuesday, 30 May: Reading and Preaching the Remainder of the Pentateuch

Wednesday, 31 May: Reading and Preaching the Historical Books

Thursday, 1 June: Reading and Preaching the Prophets

Friday, 2 June: Reading and Preaching the Wisdom Literature and the Psalms