When you come to The Abbey Summer School, you have two main registration options. You can register only for the Chapterhouse, our main programming, or you can register for the Chapterhouse + the Library course, which is an additional course that begins earlier in the week and then dovetails with our main programme – great for interested laypersons and clergy on study leave.*

*If finances are an issue, please Contact Us as bursaries are available. See the Registration page for more details.


Jesus’ Humanity and Ours: The poetry of everyday life

(6 - 8 JUNE)

Named after the room in an ancient abbey where monks would gather for a larger meeting or to hear an address by the abbot, our Chapterhouse is the main programme of The Abbey every year. 

In 2019, we are thinking about our ordinary lives in Christ. The Abbey Summer School in 2019 will invite you into deep reflection on the joys and challenges of living an ordinary life in the presence of God. With Julie Canlis and Malcolm Guite as our plenary speakers, a variety of workshops will also allow us to practically engage with our theme.


Library COURSE: 

Explorations in the Art & Joy of Hearing the New Testament

(5 - 7 JUNE)



The Library course can be taken in addition to the main Chapterhouse. Consider this the Reading Room of The Abbey, for those who want something a bit more intensive. Registering through us is for simple audit – just come and hear the lectures! – but if desired, this course can also be taken for graduate credit through Regent College (Vancouver, BC). It will meet all day on Wednesday (5 June), and during the workshops block of the Chapterhouse on 6-7 June.

For this year’s Library course, we are excited to offer a class with Prof. George Guthrie on the art and joy of hearing the New Testament. The course invites the participants to consider the beauty and power of God's good communication to us in the Bible, in particular the New Testament, probing what it means to read the Bible well in order to live more effectively for Christ in the world.

Wednesday, 5 June: The beauty of a God who speaks

Wednesday, 5 June: The shaping of a people who listen

Wednesday, 5 June: Engaging the Bible as a grand story

Thursday, 6 June: Hearing the varied literatures of the New Testament better

Friday, 7 June: Integrating biblical truth with everyday life