When you come to The Abbey Summer School 2018, you have two main registration options. You can register only for the Chapterhouse, our main programming, or you can register for the Chapterhouse + the Library course, which is an additional course that begins earlier in the week and then dovetails with our main programme – great for interested laypersons and clergy on study leave. *If finances are an issue, please Contact Us as bursaries are available. See the Registration page for more details.



(31 MAY–2 JUNE)


Named after the room in an ancient abbey where monks would gather for a larger meeting or to hear an address by the abbot, our Chapterhouse is the main programme of The Abbey every year. 

In 2018, we are thinking about creativity. Is it an important part of our being made in the image of God to be boldly creative in our lives, churches, and work? Are we all meant to be creative? The Abbey Summer School in 2018 will invite you into deep reflection on the subject of creativity and its role in the Kingdom with Iwan Russell-Jones and Sharon Jebb Smith as our plenary speakers. It will also, through other makers and creatives, allow engagement with, and involvement in, the creative process in action.


Library COURSE: 


(30 MAY–1 JUNE)



The Library course can be taken in addition to the main Chapterhouse. Consider this the Reading Room of The Abbey, for those who want something a bit more intensive. Registering through us is for simple audit — just come and hear the lectures! — but if desired, this course can also be taken for graduate credit through Regent College (Vancouver, BC). It will meet all day on Wednesday (30 May), and during the workshops block of the Chapterhouse on 31 - 1 June.

For this year’s Library course, we are excited to offer a class with Prof. Iain Provan on reading and preaching Genesis. What kind of texts are we dealing with in Genesis, and what difference should this make to our interpretation and preaching of them? Are they myth, or history, or both/neither? Have Christians been right to see what they have seen in these books over the centuries? What are the boundaries of legitimate interpretation? What does Genesis have to say to contemporary Christians and their world? These and other similar questions will provide the focus for our study of particular portions of the Genesis text.  Encounter Genesis in a fresh way and deepen your reading, your preaching, and your faith.

Wednesday, 30 May: Creation and Fall

Wednesday, 30 May: From Cain to Babel

Wednesday, 30 May: Abraham and his family

Thursday, 31 May: Jacob and his family

Friday, 1 June: Joseph and his family