Afternoons at the Abbey are all about putting flesh on the richness of what we learn in the mornings – moving from our heads down to our hands and feet. Our workshops tend to cover five areas – Pilgrimage, Ordinary Life, Art, Spirituality, and Prayer/Bible Study. 

2019 Abbey Workshops:

Guided Tour at the National Gallery of Scotland with Philip Archer (Thursday & Friday)

A guided tour of some of the great paintings found in the National Gallery, Scotland led by Philip Archer, Principal of the Leith School of Art. On recognising that painting provides a visual language, we will explore and learn to read the Christian themes in some of the great works in the Gallery’s collections.

 Hospitality with Rosemary and Alistair Hector (Thursday only)

This workshop involves three parts and will be hosted off-site: walking together through the local area by Alistair, a hosted conversation, and sharing simple food and drink together, all the time asking what it means to offer and receive hospitality.

Choosing Life in the Ordinary Moments with Heidi Johnson (Thursday & Friday)

What does scripture teach us about how to live our ordinary lives? In this workshop, we read scripture together, and using the headings of loving God, obeying His voice and holding fast to Him, look at ways in which we integrate the truth of God’s word into our everyday.

The Ignatian Examen - An Everyday Prayer with Sharon Laidlaw and Rachel Inglis (Thursday & Friday)

The Examen is a short, practical prayer on our daily life experience, which enables us to notice the movement of the Spirit within us and which opens us to the deep call of God in our lives. The workshop will include some input about Ignatian Spirituality and the Examen as well as offering the opportunity to practice it. Participants will be invited to share something of their experience with each other.