Afternoons at the Abbey are all about putting flesh on the richness of what we learn in the mornings – moving from our heads down to our hands and feet. Our workshops tend to cover five areas – Pilgrimage, Ordinary Life, Art, Spirituality, and Prayer/Bible Study. This year, our workshops will include a tour of a gallery, reflecting on colour, exploring music and trauma healing, prayer and creativity, creating an installation, and making a film.  

Details below are of some of our workshops on offer in 2018 to provide a flavour of what we offer.

Exploring Jacob and Esau: A Filmmaking and Theology Workshop, with Graham Pritz-Bennett

In this workshop, participants will be involved in filming a couple quick scenes based on the story of Jacob and Esau using different styles and techniques, in order to show how the medium of film and its varying methods can offer different theological insights into the biblical texts.

Made in Wonder: a practical workshop creating an art instillation , with Kelsey Johnston

In this workshop, participants will be invited to help create an interactive art installation in response to Psalm 46, which will be included in our evening of prayer on Thursday. No experience is required, just enthusiasm and a ready pair of hands!

Thoughts on Colour, with Margaret Stein

Margaret will shall consider colours mentioned in the Bible, lead an imaginative meditation and encourage participants to put something on paper, using pastels or paints, to express their experience in colour. Then participants will be encouraged to talk together about the way different colours affect us.

Guided Tour at the National Gallery of Scotland, with Philip Archer

A guided tour of some of the great paintings found in the National Gallery, Scotland. On recognising that painting provides a visual language, we will explore and learn to read the Christian themes in works that range from Durer to Raphael, Rembrandt, Ruisdael and how to read a Dutch landscape painting. Then we shall look at two wonderful paintings by Constable and finish with Gauguin’s ‘Vision After the Sermon’.

Two-part Workshop on Creativity and Prayer, with Crystal Cryer

Creativity and Prayer:
In this interactive workshop we will be exploring together how prayer can play a major role in helping us to discover and release our creativity, as well as how creativity can help to release the prayers deep within us.

Innovative Thinking - Overcoming Ourselves:
In this interactive workshop we will have the opportunity to learn some simple steps for helping to release our creative thinking and problem solving. We will practice in small groups as this is a helpful tool for use not only in our personal lives but also areas such as leadership teams and group projects.