In a culture of exceptionalism and Instagram perfection, what might it mean to recognize our common life as “a spiritual act of worship?” What does the humanity of Jesus have to teach us about the way that God works? How might the kingdom of God break through in (and not despite) the sacred ordinary? With theologian Julie Canlis, poet Malcolm Guite and a number of workshop leaders, let us together take a closer look at the glory of everyday life and call it "good."


Julie Canlis — Malcolm Guite — George Guthrie


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From plenary speakers to programme, workshops to schedule, evening lecture to our new library course, you’ll find out what is happening at The Abbey Summer School 2019 here. 


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The Abbey Summer School offers Christian teaching and nourishment to all who like to think about their faith. Join us in Edinburgh 6 - 8 June, 2019  for a time to be at rest, a time for spiritual guidance, a time in Scripture, theology, and prayer, a time for laughter and for music, for worship and reflection, and for interaction and discussion.